Fancy Parsley Architecture + Design


We are Fancy Parsley Architecture + Design.

We are a small design firm located in downtown Scranton and we are young, enthusiastic, and think fresh. We are passionate about design and have a vested interest in your happiness. We are team players and love creative problem solving. Whether you are considering a renovation, alteration, addition, or new construction, our talented team is eager to meet with you to learn how we can assist you to navigate through the design and construction process. In any project, there are a million decisions to be made and we are happy to help you with all of them.

We’re not surprised you asked; it’s a funny name.

And to be honest, the answer is a bit different depending on who asks. Years ago, firm principal Mike Muller started a blog under the name that tracked things he loved and the changes he made on his own home. But really, it started as an inside joke even before that, when he always noted in restaurants as plates arrived that “Parsley makes it fancy.” Whether it’s Grilled Cheese or Filet Mignon, everything is better with garnish. It’s about taking what you have and adding to it. Fancy Parsley is Fresh. Simple. Effective. It’s a palate-cleanser. A fresh beginning. The start of something new.

There’s a reason we don’t call it Mike Muller Architects. Fancy Parsley is a true team effort, where any one person can represent our company and take ownership of our identity. It’s about the morale we encourage not only among our employees, but with our clients. Architects often position themselves to fight over the same 1%. But it’s 99% of society that needs our help. Fancy Parsley is for everyone. We’re here to meet basic design needs at the highest artistic level, and make our expertise available to all.

We’re not surprised you asked; it’s a funny name.